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Wiki Rules

  1. Respect your fellow members. Threats or Nasty Attitudes will not be tolerated.
  2. Despite the 18+ content, Pornographic or violent images are not work safe. A WARNING needs to be put on any page with graphic images.
  3. Swearing is allowed, but not the F-word.
  4. Spamming or Flaming the articles or Members is also forbidden.
  5. This is not a Fanon wiki.
  6. American TV shows or comic characters do not count as Yandere here, as they are not referred to as such.
  7. The articles are about YANDERE characters. Not the series they come from.
  8. Only make a page/article if you are able to put info on the page or add the stub labels.

(Rules are subject to change if need be.)

Character Pages


  1. Bio (put heading 3 size "Appearance" and "Personality" beneath it)
  2. Background - Character past and history from the series
  3. Victims - Those he has attacked or killed. Explain what he did to them.
  4. Weapon/s - what he used to attack/what he did with it.
  5. Death - Only add this if he is killed in the series at any point or canonically. 
  6. Relationships - how he interacts with other characters.
  8. Trivia
  9. Gallery


  1. Hair Color  - Just use Basic shades, such as Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, etc.
  2. Eye Color - Same as above
  3. (Weapon) user
  4. Status (Living/Dead. If he dies in a route, he counts as both.)
  5. Age (Child (12 or below) Teen (13-17) Young Adult (18 or 19) Adult (above 19)
  6. Stub (only if the page is small or lacks information)
  7. Anime/Video Game/Dating Sim Yandere
  8. Series (only if more than 1 Yandere is available)